eBay to Launch NFT Marketplace

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According to a Reuters report, eBay users who meet certain criteria on the platform are allowed to register an NFT. The company added that in the future it will expand its guidelines and tools for digital collections.

“In the coming months, eBay will add new features to our platform that will attract blockchain-managed collections,” said Sweetnam, eBay’s senior vice president for Jordan at eBay.

The report comes nearly a week after CEO Jamie Yannon said the platform would “look for ways” to make NFT “easily” possible on the platform. The CEO said buyers and sellers have had the opportunity to learn about eBay’s NFT, but the platform has not made the process easier. Iannone later said that the company was also considering introducing crypto payment options.

The online market leader has indicated that eBay can accept crypto payments. Three years ago, the company’s senior vice president said eBay was “seriously considering” adding Bitcoin (BTC) to its platform as a payment method.

Thousands of NFT projects have exploded in the crypto space in recent months, seemingly following the example of the multi-million dollar example of digital art selling in the online marketplace. The introduction of tokens in a marketplace like eBay with around 187 million active buyers has the potential to make the craze last longer.

Source: Reuters



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