Iran’s President Calls for Government to Setup National Crypto Mining Strategy

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani addressed the government’s Economic 137th session held on Tuesday: Following the issue of digital currency mining.

Following the meeting of Iran Government Economic Coordination Headquarters, Considering the ministries of Energy, Communication and Information Technology, as well as the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), was assigned with following up on the Digital Currency Extraction (Mining) and setting up the necessary plans. as reported by ArzDigital an Iranian News Website

These decisions comes after the Iranian parliament published a bill to identify currency smuggling (this including Digital Currency) regarding the country’s strict foreign exchange and currency smuggling regulations to Cryptocurrencies.

The members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly determined the cases of currency smuggling and approved the punishment of currency smugglers. as reported by ArzDigital an Iranian News Website

Source : ArzDigital

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