Self-Proclaimed Satoshi “Craig Wright” Has Access to an Encrypted File Containing 820200 Bitcoins

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The long battle between Self proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto “Craig S Wright” and late Dave Kleiman has taken a new twist, as Kleiman’s Legal team claims Craig Wright has access to an Encrypted file containing 820200 Bitcoins ($ 7.62 billion dollars).

The Kleiman Estate (Legal Team of Late Dave Kleiman) is suing Australian Computer Scientist “Craig S Wright” Over his Mined Bitcoins in a partnership with late Dave Kleiman.

Craig Wright Says there is no such a partnership with late Dave Kleiman. However, The Kleiman Estate says the proof of partnership is held in an encrypted file. According to the New Documents submitted to the court by Kleiman Estate on 5/21/2020 which claims that the “Craig Wright has the access to open the Encrypted files, But Wright is refusing to unlock the files because the encrypted files contain the proof of partnership and Bitcoin Holdings between late Dave Kleiman and Craig S Wright”.

According to the Document submitted to court by Kleiman Lawyers.

  1. Wright has repeatedly lied under oath and submitted forged evidence in a failed effort to avoid trial and win this case through dispositive motions.
  2. Wright provides perjurious testimony and forged evidence in an effort to avoid compliance with court orders.
  3. Wright submitted new lies and forgeries directly to this court to avoid sanctions and to prevent plaintiffs from proving their case.
  4. Wright has the ability to open the encrypted file, but won’t because it will contain evidence of the partnership and its bitcoin holdings.
  5. Wright’s has flagrantly obstructed the discovery process and the plaintiff’s attempt to prove the scope and extent of the Satoshi Nakamoto Partnership.
  6. While too numerous to detail, Wright’s conduct has made and will continue to Make a mockery of the judicial system.

The filing concluded:

“For the foregoing reasons, Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court issue an order pursuant to its inherent powers striking Dr. Wright’s Amended Answer and entering a default judgment against Dr. Wright”

Kleiman Estate Legal Team

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