TCS Launches Blockchain Solutions for Enterprises to Help Financial Institutions Offer Cryptocurrency Trading

TCS TATA Consultancy Services is India’s Second Largest Company by Market Capitalization has announced a Service called Quartz a Smart Solution to Help Financial Institutions Offer Cryptocurrency Trading.

TCS’s Quartz™ – Blockchain Solutions for Enterprises and Ecosystems will boost the Crypto adoption in India.

One of the Indias largest Company by Market Cap TCS – “TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES” announced Blockchain solution for Enterprises to help financial institutions to offer Cryptocurrency trading.

What is Quartz ?

Quartz is a Blockchain Service Provider which is building ecosystems that bring together participants in industries including energy and utilities, government, financial services, and real estate. The Quartz solutions are targeted at helping organizations across
multiple domains to leverage blockchain meaningfully for their businesses.

Solutions Provided by Quartz.

  • Quartz Smart Solutions : A set of ‘Designed for Blockchain’ business solutions across industries
  • Quartz DevKit : Smart contract development kits that enable the development of high-quality code for different blockchain technologies. The Quartz DevKit also comprises a standard set of architectural features covering security, data privacy, access controls, user management, audit trails, and logging framework represented as Quartz Foundation.
  • Quartz Gateway : Solutions that easily integrate existing applications with blockchain ecosystems/networks.
  • Quartz Command Center : Solutions that facilitate administering and monitoring of the entire ecosystem.

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